Lukas Nellen – Professional German Downhill Mountain Biker

Dear Jeff and Gary,

Two years ago I had a very bad accident which almost cost me my right hand. At that moment, I Was preparing for my first season of the German-Downhill-Cup. Knowing that my wrist will never be the same, I was depressed. But I set the goal to do everything possible to ride my first season in DH.

I also knew that this was going to be impossible without support for my wrist. So, I wrote an e-mail to you guys from Allsport Dynamics. Explaining my story, I asked you for help and some kind of support.

To be honest, I did not expect anything and you had no reason to help a privateer from Germany. So, I was overwhelmed when Gary said that he could send me braces for my wrists. For this, I would like to thank you.

I used all 2014 and 2015 for rehab, catching up with college courses and started riding again. At the end of 2015, I started training for my first full race season.

In 2016, I participated in every race of the German-Downhill-Cup in the elite class and finished my bachelor degree in Sports Science. Although I was not satisfied with my race results, I accomplished my goals. And all this would not have been possible without your braces and your support. They enabled me to ride downhill again, finished my practical college courses and gave me huge motivation to achieve my goals.

To show my appreciation for your support, I would like to give you my race jersey. It’s my only race jersey which I rode in every race run of the 2016 season. It is just a little gift to say thank you.

Finally, I want to say that we never know which form our actions affect the lives of other people. Like your support gave me hope and motivation I hope this letter and this gift will motivate you to continue to run your company as you do and to keep supporting privateers.


So, thank you again Jeff and Gary for your help!

Yours faithfully,

Lukas Nellen

John Parke – 

Hi Gary,

I have just gone to drop you an email and seen I didn’t respond to the last one you sent me, that was very rude of me and I apologize as it has been months since you sent that! Thank you so much for the extra parts, I have only used a couple of bits so far.

The braces are amazing thanks, I have been on the water for at least 4 hours a day every day since I have had them. Even with the braces, my wrists couldn’t take much more than 4 hrs of pounding per day. We have had a very windy season here, but I would never have managed what I have without you guys and my braces so thank you so much. You have kept me at my job, which is a job that I love so I can’t thank you enough!

My braces are holding up well considering they basically live in saltwater. I have been thinking about getting some gloves made for next season, is that something I could sort out with you guys and have made then shipped or would the braces have to be returned to you to be able to do it?