About Us

Our story of how we got started:

Jeff Brewer grew up riding and racing on the tracks around his hometown of Nacogdoches, Texas, about an hour drive north of Houston. Brewer was no different than many kids his age and dreamed of a career racing motocross like his heroes Wyman Priddy and Kent Howerton. Jeff had competed in the very first race held in the Houston Astrodome and was a promising NMA expert and has been passionate about the sport of motocross his entire life.

Years later while working as an electrician on a new construction project in Dallas, he tripped over an electrical cord and severely sprained his ankle. While he was laid up, flat on his back, his mother brought him a copy of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. “You need to buy that book and put it on the back of your commode,” advises Brewer with his classic Texas Drawl. “Then just read it every time you go. You won’t believe how much it’ll help you out.” Given the events that were to follow, it’s hard to argue with him.

Needing to get back to work, yet still unable to walk, he began to tinker with ideas for an ankle brace. He eventually came up with a design that worked and was soon sporting it while spectating at Lake Whitney, a local motocross track of some repute. “I was walking around at the races showing the brace I’d made to some buddies of mine, when a guy came up and said that it looked like a good idea. So he began to tell me about his son, who’d crashed and been in a coma for a long time, “Brewer recounted. “He said his son was awake now, but was having problems with his right side motor skills and hadn’t walked in a year. The kid, whose name is Jason Otto, (I’d love to know what he is doing now) was right there at the races in a wheelchair, so Mr. Otto took me right over to him. He was about 15 years old, so I just took the brace I made at home off of my leg and put it right on him. Next thing you know the kid got up and walked about 10 feet… it was unbelievable. His mom was crying and hugging me and everything.

It felt pretty good to know I could do something like that and help somebody out. So I left him the brace and kinda hobbled back to my truck and went home and made another one.
I ended up fitting him several more braces before we lost touch.”

Below is a list of Moto Riders that we’ve been honored to work with! Keeping riders safe and protected is our cornerstone. 

Grant Langston
Brian Deegan
Robbie Reynard
Mike Brown
Craig Anderson
Ricky Carmichael
Jeremy McGrath
Kenny Bartram
Jimmy Fitzpatrick
Brock Tickle
Weston Peick

Shae Bentley
Steve Lamson
Tim Ferry
Mike Metzger
Nate Adams
Dan Pastor
Travis Preston
Justin Barcia
Justin Bogle
Kenny Bartram


Brewer continued to make braces at home refining his molding methods from his early technique of laying red-hot plastic straight out of the oven on to his skin, whispering “no pain, no gain,” through his clenched teeth. From 1985 to 1990 he made hundreds of ankle braces for everyone from friends to college football teams, never charging any of them a dime. “I wasn’t gonna charge people for something that wasn’t perfect,” said Brewer when asked if he was crazy, or just a bad businessman. “My friends all told me I was nuts, and maybe I was, but I believe in standing behind something I sell 100 percent. I will never sell something that I won’t buyback.”


Since 1990 he’s been in business. Jeff Brewer has had fewer than 30 braces returned. There’s our tie-in to the “nice guy” subtitle, now let’s move on.



In addition to our amazing Action Sports partnerships, we’ve been honored to work with the following NFL Teams!

Denver Broncos
Jacksonville Jaguars
New Orleans Saints
Los Angeles Chargers
Houston Texans
Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Lions
Philadelphia Eagles

Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Washington Redskins
Carolina Panthers
Seattle Seahawks
Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots
Pittsburg Steelers

“After spending considerable time talking to Jeff Brewer it is easy to say that athletes will be much safer thanks to him and All Sports Dynamics.”